Auckland Wedding Photographer

Auckland Photographer

Looking for an Auckland Wedding Photographer? There are many Auckland Wedding Photographers but what sets Alice apart is her top quality work with an artistic and creative flair, as well as the personal touch she ads to your wedding photos.

A lot of Auckland wedding photographers often make the mistake to focus too much on the technical aspects when they are busy photographing the wedding and often forget that, for every person they photograph, the most important thing to them is to look their absolute best in the photos. Nobody wants their wedding photographer to capture them from an unflattering angle or to make them uncomfortable. As an experienced Auckland wedding photographer, Alice understands this and knows that the best way to produce great results is to make the people in the photo feel relaxed and to capture them at their absolute best.

When looking for an Auckland wedding photographer, you will also want to consider someone who is creative as many Auckland wedding photographers sometimes forget that wedding photos need to be creative. Why? Because nobody's wedding will look the same - why would they want the same type of photos as all the other weddings in an Auckland wedding photographer's portfolio? Alice is a highly adaptable Auckland wedding photographer and can tune into the style & mood of every wedding she photographs - therefore creating a creative yet elegant, customized style to suit each & every individual wedding.

So why look any further, when you can look to Alice as your Auckland Wedding Photographer who understands that a wedding photographer is not just a photographer but someone who is talented, creative, experienced, relaxed, cool, calm and who knows how to make anyone look & feel their absolute best!