Terms and Conditions

Wedding Photographer Pricing Packages

  • All pricing packages includes travelling to most areas of Auckland but does not include travelling to all areas of Auckland. To receive a precise quote, please enquire.
  • All recommendations listed in regard to my wedding photographer pricing packages are recommendations only (and not guarantees of what I will be able to photograph) as each wedding is different. To discuss your own individual wedding photographer requirements, please contact me.
  • The time limit for each wedding photographer pricing package is the maximum time that I can stay to photograph a wedding. Even though I can make recommendations of what packages to book, I cannot accept responsibility for the photographing of anything that falls beyond the time booked for my photographic services.
  • All locations of where I need to be on the wedding day must be provided to me before the wedding so that I may be able to confirm my price quote.
  • An additional surcharge may apply if the wedding falls on a public holiday or over Easter weekend.

Bookings and Payments

  • A booking for a wedding date can only be made once a 20% non-refundable deposit has been paid into my account (and shows in my bank account statement).
  • I can keep a wedding date open for as long as I don't receive any other inquiries for that date but cannot guarantee a booking for any wedding date unless a non-refundable deposit is paid.
  • Once an invoice for a non-refundable deposit is sent, it must be paid within 7 days and I must be notified of this payment being made. If you are unable to make the payment within 7 days, please notify me, as I will otherwise assume that you are not interested in booking my services anymore and the date will be available to anyone else who wants to book.
  • Payment for the full amount owed to me must be paid on or before the wedding date. Failure to do so means that I will not be under any obligation to photograph the wedding.

Wedding Photos

  • All the photos on this site are photos taken by myself (or my assistant photographer) and, as they serve to display my portfolio of work, I share copyright with the owners of the photos. No photos on this site may therefore be reproduced or printed without the permission of myself and the owners of the specific photos.
  • Even though I use my experience and photographic skills as professional wedding photographer to take the best possible photos that I can, I cannot take responsibility for the appearance of anyone in any of the photos that I take. I do, however, use my experience & offer advice, recommendations etc. to provide you with the best professional service that I can but cannot for eg make children look at the camera if they don't want to or take responsibility for the appearance of hairstyles, outfits, make-up etc.
  • As a bride's (and bridesmaids) dress, hair & make-up plays a key role in their appearance, I strongly recommend all brides and bridesmaids to have a look at my "Tips for your wedding day” on my FAQ's page. It is important to consider that, even though I will give it my all as professional wedding photographer to make everyone look as beautiful and radiant as possible, I can only work with what I have and therefore strongly urge all brides & bridesmaids to ensure that they pick a dress/hair/make-up which is most suitable/flattering to them, by following the tips as outlined on my FAQ's page.
  • Although I apply very high professional retouching work to all the wedding photos, I cannot offer photo shopping skills that are impossible for me to perform, i.e. making someone's eyes open if they are closed or changing someone's outfit or adding more make-up or "erasing” someone's body fat etc. If you have specific requirements for photo shopping, please discuss it with me before booking my services so that I may be able to confirm what services I can and cannot provide.
  • I love working with children and will often find that the snapshots of children are the best photos! (I am sure that all the parents would agree!). However, please bear in mind that, even though I try my best not to look like a scary stranger with a big black thing in my hand - at the end of the day neither I nor anyone else can make a toddler do what he/she does not want to do - i.e. looking or smiling at the camera if they don't want to (especially children under the age of 6)... Children will be children - babies might cry, toddlers might not want to pose or stand still... And having a professional wedding photographer close by unfortunately won't make any difference. Instead, expect the unexpected/unconventional and you might find that it makes for the best photos!
  • The amount of wedding photos that I provide depends on the amount of photos that I have taken on the wedding day, which depends on how long I was able to stay.
  • All wedding photos are provided on a flash disc (in high resolution).
  • No prints are included in any of my wedding photographer packages. To order any additional prints/canvasses etc, please refer to my printing prices index.
  • Since the time it takes for me to have the wedding photos ready varies greatly depending on my workload, I am unable to provide a precise date beforehand of when the photos will be ready, although I usually aim to have the photos ready within 1 - 4 weeks after a wedding.
  • The supplying of the wedding photos is conditional to the payment of the full amount that is owed to me. If the full amount for my wedding photographer services is not paid, I am under no obligation to provide any of the photos (as they are the result of the services that I have provided, for which I require payment).

My Wedding Photographer Services:

  • Any specific requirements in regard to the photographing of each wedding must be made before the wedding is booked (deposit paid) as I can only agree to things which falls within my capacity to do as wedding photographer and cannot guarantee that I'll be able to provide services which does not fall within this capacity.
  • Any tips or recommendations listed on this site are recommendations only and does not qualify as certified advice in any specific field for which I can be held accountable. Please review my recommendations by using your own knowledge & insight and applying it to your own circumstances.
  • My wedding photographer services is only applicable to the photographing of weddings of couples who are getting married. If someone books my wedding photographer services who is not a couple and not getting married then the booking will not be valid (please also note that I will incur a fee for my time spent in this instance and may have the right to take further legal action).
  • It is within my own personal right to accept or refuse any inquiry in regard to my wedding photographer services
  • A consultation must be accompanied by both persons who are getting married. If not, the consultation cannot go forth and will need to be rescheduled.
  • Even though a consultation is not obligatory, I have the right to insist on a consultation before making a booking in certain instances (i.e. if I feel that it is necessary to discuss certain details first to ensure that I can indeed perform the photographic tasks which might be required of me on the wedding day).
  • The maximum time that I can stay for any wedding is 9hrs (as per my Tanzanite Package - see pricing page).

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