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Family Portraits Auckland

Family Photos
Family is one of the most important things that define us as human beings... Whether it be our roots, our base or our branches, family forms part of who we are. Which is why it is so important to find an experienced, yet friendly & relaxed family portrait photographer to capture these very special moments in time with them. Babies may grow up, children may grow older, parents may age, but, no matter what, if you have a professional family portrait shoot done by a family portrait photographer, you can have these photos forever and remember this special moment forever.

You will often find that photographers have different styles when it comes to family portrait photography. Some family portrait photographers go for the traditional portraits (i.e. portraits that are carefully planned ahead of time to specific poses). Other family portrait photographers like to keep things natural and relaxed with in-action shots, especially with children & babies.

Alice, as an experienced family portrait photographer, can appreciate that everyone would want something different – maybe a traditional portrait style family photo shoot or maybe a relaxed, natural family portrait shoot or maybe even a combination.. Alice will cater for your specific needs.

Children and Baby Photos
Alice is very friendly & relaxed which is important when photographing your children or baby. Alice tries to tune into their vibe in order to adapt the photos to capturing their natural personality and expressions... because let’s face it – the expression in a child or baby’s face is often priceless!

Alice not only caters for children and baby portraits but also for any kind of family portrait you are looking for: whether it be for a pregnancy photos, couples photos, children or baby photos or family group photos, Alice will cater for your specific needs and requests.

Pregnancy Photos
Pregnancy photos are especially popular nowadays. It is a very important time for any woman in her life and certainly recommendable to have a pregnancy photo shoot done – even if you are not feeling 100% up to it – you might regret it afterwards. As an experienced female pregnancy photographer, I will keep things quick & simple – no long shooting hours and you can have as many breaks (and toilet breaks) as you like! :-)

With pregnancy photos, the idea is simply to capture your glowing beauty and emotions that you are going through. Off course partners/husbands are welcome as well! Whether they only want to be present for some encouragement, or even to pose with some or all of the photos – the thing is that there’s no rules when it comes to pregnancy photos – the main aim is for the pregnancy photographer to accommodate everyone’s own ideas and style – which is what I aim for as an experienced pregnancy shoot photographer. Many people ask me when is the best time to have your pregnancy photos done. Even though any time is a good time to take pregnancy photos, I often recommend to either have a sequel shoot done (i.e. have a few photos taken with each trimester) or if you are not keen on having more than one pregnancy shoot done, then the best time is often in your third trimester (i.e. 7-8 months) because then your little (or big) bump will show up best in the pregnancy photos. It is also often a time when most pregnant women are over their worst morning sickness.