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Glamour Photography Auckland

Glamour photography is a term that is used very frequently nowadays... Yet the question remains: what is its meaning? Glamour photography seems to be a term that is used to describe many different photos of woman’s photos: from glamour portraits to glamour evening dress to glamour style boudoir photos... Which is why many photographers classify themselves as glamour photographers.

All in all, glamour photography is not really used to describe a particular photo. It is used to describe the style, rather than the dress code. Glamour photography is focused on a woman’s sensual energy and confidence... This is why glamour photography is so popular amongst women of all ages.

So, why would anyone want to take glamour photos? Well, if you want to take photos of any kind to boost your own confidence, it could be classified as glamour photography, since glamour photos is aimed at boosting your confidence in yourself, your personality and your own body, looks and expressions.

Glamour photos is also a great present to give to your partner, fiancée or husband... As a birthday gift, a wedding gift, valentines gift or even an anniversary gift. I often get woman who do the shoot in secret and then surprise their partners on the special day with an extraordinary gift... And always hear great feedback (men apparently LOVE it! ;-).

But a glamour shoot isn’t necessarily only meant for a partner – the main aim with a glamour photo shoot is to boost you & your own self-confidence... which is why it is the perfect gift... for yourself!

As a female glamour photographer, Alice can associate with what it feels like to be a woman and to feel the need from time to time to feel appreciated. And there is no better way to boost your confidence than having a glamour photo shoot done by an experienced female glamour photographer. But there is more to just taking photos as a glamour photographer. A glamour photographer needs to help you be, well, you. I am not here to reflect my style or my personality. No. I am here to capture you in your most beautiful moments. And to achieve this is simple – I just boost, motivate and help to create a positive, relaxed environment because this is what will make a great glamour photo shoot.

Many people often tell me how they have already done a glamour shoot before with another glamour photographer but didn’t like the photos and therefore want to “redo” another glamour shoot – in order to help them “erase” a negative feeling they have associated with the photos (and therefore their self-confidence) and create a positive feeling around this.

Or some people might feel like they have been going through a hard time (like a divorce or even just a busy week (or year!) and want some validation on their own self-esteem. This is what a glamour photo shoot is there for!

As an experienced glamour photographer, my opinion is this: if the shoot did not make you feel sexy, confident and happy afterwards looking at the glamour photos, then there must’ve been a simple reason behind it: it could be that you were not comfortable with the specific glamour photographer or it could be that the setting made you feel uncomfortable (i.e. if you are shy by nature, then it is not a good idea to work with someone who has a whole team of people involved) or it could be the location that made you feel uncomfortable.

There are many reasons. Bottom line is: you will not like a photo if you feel that the photo does not reflect your true personality and style in it – regardless of how amazing the photo or glamour photo might look to someone else. All photos (including glamour style photos) are art and therefore not objective but subjective. Every person will see them in a different view. My main aim as female glamour photographer is to get the person behind the lens to like what they see because this will create a positive, confident, motivating energy for them.

Be aware of glamour photographers who point out the negative, rather than the positive to you during a glamour shoot. I have never heard of anyone who had a good experience with this (and I feel like these glamour photographers give all of us other glamour photographers a bad name). Let me try to make you feel rest assured as possible: I will never make you feel negative about yourself as I just don’t see things that way. You will not look at a beautiful tree and think it has an ugly branch, nor will you look at a pretty flower and think that one of its petals look ugly... This is how I see anyone when I photograph them – as a whole being – a beautiful creation which I want to capture and I want to make that person BLOOM with all the beautiful colours all wrapped in them. And I want to get the person to see this in themselves as well.

For this reason you should never feel the need to be stressed before doing a shoot (whether it be glamour or any other type of shoot) with me. As an experienced female glamour photographer, I have worked with many women of ALL age groups & sizes (yes, believe it or not, most women are NOT a size 0 model!). I am a very down to earth, relaxed glamour photographer. I tend to tune into everyone’s own vibe and style. Being a woman myself, I also know how women think. I know what they want and I am prepared to go out of my way to provide them with awesomely beautiful glamour photos – glamour photos that will boost them and make them feel proud of being women!